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Homer Epic 100k


MARCH 19th 2016

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2015 Homer Epic Results

FAT BIKE or SKI or RUN ~ 100k

Race put on by the Kachemak Nordic Ski Club (501(c)(3)

Snow machine & 4 wheeler trails in the Caribou Hills.

Time Limit: Must finish by the next day (24 Hr time limit)


$75 Entry fee makes this the best ultra race deal you’re going to find anywhere!

Epic photo by Don Pitcher. Click on photo for his webpage

Homer Epic 100 Race Rules

NO OUTSIDE HELP: You will be disqualified if you receive any food, water, extra gear, or any help from a non-racer during the Homer Epic race. You must carry everything you need from start to finish. (SEE REQUIRED AND


 NO PACING or outside assistance of any kind. Your non-racing friends/family may cheer for you at the Start, Check points, Finish or Other Locations along the trail (but no assistance other than cheering to racers unless its an emergency). A non racer on snow machine, foot, ski, or bike cannot purposely follow you, be in sight of you on trail, or break trail for you for any period of time during the race.

 Racers can pack drop bags to be delievered at checkpoints.  These bags are the only food and water that can be guaranteed during the event.  MAKE SURE TO PLAN FOR ENOUGH FOOD AND WATER!

 You may receive some food, water, gear, or repair help (duct tape, string, etc) from another racer if you are in dire straits and only if the other racer is willing and able to share and help.

 Racers may change their mode of travel by race day but must let race officials know. i.e.: if you were signed up for Run but you decide to Ski instead- you must decide before pre-race meeting and be sure race officials change it on your information at pre-race sign in. If you know SOONER than race day - email us info@homerepic.com

 Racers must stay to the RIGHT SIDE of trail and always YIELD to the snow machines, (as you will hear the machines a long ways away).  They go 30-70+ mph and will be coming from ALL directions.

 Important that the racers do NOT have loud IPods blocking outside sound of oncoming snow machines.

 Must be 18 or over (or approved by KNSC)

 TIRES on FAT snow/sand bikes must be at least 3.7 inches wide. (NO regular mountain bike tires)

 You will be disqualified if you dump any gear or trash along the trail or at a checkpoint. (You can burn some wrappers if there is a fire at check point) but otherwise you carry everything back to finish.

 For EACH required item of Gear that you do not have at the finish, another 4 hours will be added to your overall time.

(There will be random gear checks at the finish)

 Wear reflective tape or clothing

 Blinking flashing light must be ON after 7:30 pm for your safety!

 KNSC has the right to not allow an entrant to race if they show up with wrong gear or do not appear self-sufficient at the start of the race.

 ALL RACERS must report back to McNeil School to let officials know you have completed the event.  If you abandon the course, you must sign out at a checkpoint.

 NO DOGS or other pets (not even ferrets) allowed

Check Points

Start: McNeil Canyon School: 0km from Start.  Start Time 7am

Checkpoint #1 Homer Snomad Blue Shed Parking Lot: 18km from Start.  Not to Exceed (NTE): MUST BE CHECKED OUT by 11:30 pm

Check Point #2 Western Terminus of North Fork Dome Trail: 60km from start, NTE:  MUST BE CHECKED OUT by 9:30pm

Finish: McNeil Canyon School: 97km from start, NTE 7am 3/20

REQUIRED RACE GEAR and water/food:

Pack smart and don’t make the headlines!

~ Hooded, insulated AND wind proof jacket (or Equivalent)* - must fit OVER your racing layers*

~ Insulated AND wind proof bottoms (or Equivalent)*  - must fit OVER your racing layers*

~ Headlamp (with new batteries)

~ Rear-flashing light must be used after 7:30 pm (with new batteries)

~ Minimum Two-quart (64 oz) insulated water container

~ Food: enough calories for YOU to complete 100km in 24 hours.  (Be smart)

*The emergency layers must be WIND PROOF and INSULATED for:

Entire upper body, including neck and head and for legs.

The windproof jacket and pants either need to be:

1. (Fleece or down or synthetic down) insulated wind proof layers


2. You must bring EXTRA sufficient warm and DRY layers for putting under the windproof items.


3. If you don’t have “hooded” wind proof jacket then you must have “windproof balaclava” (with sufficient insulated layer under it) so neck is warm and protected from wind as well as head)

*Be sure the above layer systems will keep you Totally WARM (neck and head protected from wind too) over your sweaty racing layers if you need to stop for hours on trail- due to injury / mishap and its 15 below and blowing. Be smart and KNOW that your system works to prevent Hypothermia if the worst case happens. It could take many hours for a snow machine to reach you in an emergency. If you know this required list is not enough to keep you warm in emergency then bring more ~ see other recommended gear below.



*Waterproof covers for feet in case of overflow

* Reflective clothing and reflective tape on equipment - so you can be SEEN by snow machines

* Map of course and compass


* Fire starter or stove and matches or lighter

* Small cook Pot and cover

* VHF radio or cell phone (note: cell phones and radios get VERY spotty reception if at all)

* Wind breaker top and bottom

* Extreme conditions mittens & head/eye gear

* Sleeping Bag and tarp or bivy if you think you will be taking naps on trail OR if you know you need additional warmth besides the Required Gear to stay warm if stopped for hours on the trail due to emergency!

* Extra layers top and bottom

* Extra socks

* Extra neck gator, hat, headband, gloves, and glove liners

* Sun glasses, sun screen

* Neoprene socks

* Over-boots

* Duct tape

* Snow Shoes for runners in case conditions change

* Knife or micro leather-man

* 3,000 - 5,000 calories of extra emergency food

* Chemical hand and foot warmers

* Tools for your equipment

* Kick wax for skiers

* First aid: ace bandage, moleskin, and Vaseline or bag balm (for body parts that rub)

* Extra batteries

* Camera

* TP

* Shovel

* Emergency Blanket

ALL RACERS must report back to McNeil School to let officials know you are done at the end of your race, even if you drop out or are evacuated.