Summary of the 2005 Notes

Ken Jones -> 235-6417
Doug Schwiesow -> 235-3263
Kenton Bloom -> 235-6600

Meeting: Sunday, 11/06/05 @ Bloom’s residence

Lookout Mountain Ski Area and Trail system :

( Area Use Plan Framework)

Generalized Existing Conditions :

Land Ownership> Trails are mostly on KPB land and State of Alaska lands with some trails on right-of-way’s and permitted private land. Ski area and/or ski trails are commonly recognized on various maps and the State lands along the roadway are designated as recreational in the Kenai Area Plan.

Trail status/location> Starting/finishing area on existing hayfields with established trail loops circling the clearing. Additional trails continue westerly to the existing Ski Tow Hill area and easterly to connect with other trails, trail easements and public lands

Trailhead(s)> direct access off mile 2 Ohlson Mountain Road (1 ski area hwy sign at intersection with Skyline Drive (observable to easterly traveling vehicles); 24/7 parking is along on roadway with some availability in privately developed parking pads along road. KNSC has outhouse and fire ring at trailhead with sign & bulletin board.

Lookout Mountain Trails Committee Rpt (KNSC)

Ski traffic flow/type > no preferred skiing direction is currently designated/noted or type of skiing (including skijoring or skiing with loose dogs).

Needs Assessment (short term goals):

(See notes for details…below)

Conceptual Plan (long-term goals):

Easement designation and/or acquisition >

Submit a trail development plan to appropriate agencies that identifies areas of trail re-grading, creek crossings and development of permanent infrastructure (i.e. parking area, lighted loop, warming/timing building, etc)

Submit a proposal to Kenai Peninsula Borough for long term lease of hayfields in their ownership to KNSC. Consider proposing a development plan for 40 acre (Site B) to KPB

(political atmosphere is right?) Hold meetings with local residents to learn their concerns and desires. Obtain trail easements across private property.

Essential components of the ideal trail system (improvements)>

Develop start/finish stadium adjacent to road between Harbinson and Woodman Lanes. Create area with widened trails for sprint freestyle racing; level; make well drained ski trail tread throughout area in the green street model (see attached City of Anchorage trail design sections); eliminate or mitigate all natural hazards( beetle killed trees, aufeis, drainage crossings, etc…); install lighted ski loop adjacent to proposed stadium area (initially 1K loop expanded to 3K); warming hut on east side of hayfields and a timing hut adjacent to stadium. Specifically develop new trails to the east and re-open old trails towards the ski tow hill.

Time-line for needs assessment/yearly evaluation towards goals> bi-yearly up-dated GPS/GIS map of all trails with TP condition notes & trail needs noted; timeline for yearly improvements based on goals and priorities.

EXISTING CONDITIONS (Lookout Mountain Trails):

PARKING >> existing conditions include roadside parking for 20-30 vehicles;

TRAILHEAD >> there is a trailhead designation/trail map display/bulletin board; a 24/7 outhouse. The designated snowmachine and equipment parking area is located on adjacent private property.

JUNIOR NORDIC >> LMSA is the venue for jr. nordic practices and events. Current enrollment exceeds 60 participants.

GROOMING >> Hayfield are first groomed ski trails in the Homer area. They are easily groomed with 6” of snow. Other trails are rough and there are few creek crossings with culverts or bridges. There are some coordination problems and lack of snow machine/equipment training. No daily operator sign-in/sign-out sheet or checklist for daily maintence and operation procedures, etc… SKI TRAILS >> There are no trail signs to encourage direction of flow; currently all trails are multiple-use with no designation dog use areas or loop. All ski trails have detailed GPS/GIS data. There is little drainage problem on trails, some sections of the trails need additional drainage structures for creek crossings. Some trails have side slopes and need to be graded and re-seeded and trees planted. The beetle killed trees are a problem in some areas, however this situation seems to be lessening as time goes on;

NEEDS ASSESSMENT (Short-Term Goals):

** TRAIL>>>See Lookout Mountain Ski Area Trail Map

Development of off-road parking area adjacent to hayfields is priority. Parking would be developed perpendicular to the roadway between Harbinson Lane and Woodman Lane . This would provide safe access to ski trails within 50 feet of the parking area and reduce parking congestion along road. (See proposed Site A on the LMSA for parking details)

Dog free ski area

FUTURE PLANS (Conceptional plans -> Long-Term Goals):

Form association with Kachemak Ski Club to integrate available facilities and use areas. Benefits would include a greater level of cooperation, development of mutually beneficial grooming options and a larger base of support for proposals to designate and develop public lands as trail use areas.

Develop LMSA ski pass to support ongoing improvements and maintenance of the system.

Increase visibility and quality of jr. Nordic programs, school based skiing and adult classes.

Construct facility that includes restrooms, warm-up area and waxing area. Building should be located east of Harbinson Lane where there are great views and lots of sunshine. No direct vehicle access or parking by the public. Service and maintenance access only (approx. 300’ from parking area)

The parking area adjacent to the road should be plowed by the State (such as a wayside or turnaround area).

Institute a community based planning process for determining the development of all facilities at LMSA


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