KNSC Board Meeting Information:

The KNSC Board of Directors usually meets the first Wednesday of the month from September through April at 6:30pm downstairs at 3734 Ben Walters Lane, Homer, Alaska.  Members are welcome.

MEETING MINUTES (posted once approved)

2017-2018 Season

2017 September Minutes

2017 October Minutes

2017 March Minutes: Eveline Yurt proposal, Equipment priorities (sell Arctic Cat, purchase Skandic 900 with Homer Foundation assistance), Event Committee for tracking expenses, etc., Approval to write Rassmusson Grant to fund construction of a maintenance building at Sunset Loop

2017 February Minutes: Sledding Hill at Eveline, Liquor permits for Wine and Cheese and High School Ski Team Gala Dinner, New office space.

2017 January Minutes: MOU with City of Homer for Baycrest trails; Trailhead emergency contact signs; Office space in Keeper Building; Friday Night Lights coordinator? Resolutions: 2017-1: Eveline Sledding Hill resolution, 2017-2: Gala Dinner resolution, 2017-3: Wine and Cheese resolution

2016 December Minutes: Eveline Yurt offer by state parks Ranger Brad Garasky; New equipment chair; Homer Women’s Nordic changes; Trail conditions reporting changes (Trail Cams & GPS trackers); Google Docs changes…

2016 November Minutes: Annual Meeting, Trail Cams & GPS Trackers, Equipment chair position, Sunset Loop / Fire Hall parking

2016 October Minutes: Budget!

2016 September Minutes: Admin. Assistant Report, Budget process, Membership form, Event Calendar, Lookout Trail Outhouses, Sunset Parking, CIRI agreement, Snomads-Marathon Connector Trail Grant

2016 May Minutes: Membership numbers, Race equipment purchase, Fat Bike study, Volunteer recognition plaques

2016 April Meeting Minutes: Epic Debrief, Summer bike trails at Lookout, Fat Bike Impact study

2016 March Meeting Minutes: New website, Board Development workshop, Marathon, Epic, Sea-to-Ski, Anderson/Jennings wedding at Lookout

2016 February Meeting Minutes: Marathon Connector Trail MOU with Snomads, Revenue Plan, Events

2016 January Minutes: Snomads MOU, Parking at KESA Fire Hall, Upcoming events, Community Trails Management Plan

2015 December Meeting Minutes:

2015 November Meeting Minutes:

2015 October Meeting Minutes:

2015 September Meeting Minutes</:

2015 May minutes

2015 March minutes

2015 February minutes Upcoming ski events, Board development, revenue sharing allocation were discussed.

2015 January minutes Mike Gracz appointed to replace Alan Parks.  Establishing a reserve fund and review of committee structure were highlights.

December-minutes-2014 Discussion about declining membership and revenues

December-annual-work-plan 2014

November-minutes-2014 Approved operational budget and strategic plan documents

November-annual-work-plan 2014 November updated work plan

October-2014-minutes Discussed 2014/2014 budget, grants and event calendar





























2010 November Minutes: Ackerman bookkeeping contract, $6000 for grooming equipment, Contracts with Boosters for races

2010 October Meeting Minutes: Sell snowmachine #1

2010 September Meeting Minutes: Ackerman Bookkeeping contract, HEA membership, T-shirt sales, Up to $2000 for Roger’s Loop trailhead parking

2010 May Minutes: 2010-2011 Calendar approval, Eveline Master Plan, Fundraiser criteria approval, 10% Event overhead approval

2010 April Meeting Minutes: Sell snowmachine #1

2010 March Special Meeting Minutes: Lookout Trails Phase II progress

2010 March Meeting Minutes: Signs on Roadways, City of Homer McNeil Maintenance Shed grant, Marathon Trail landowner contact

2010 February Special Meeting Minutes: Rasmuson Foundation grant for McNeil Maintenance Shed project, Donor Benches & Picnic tables, Phase II grant for Lookout Trails, Wooden ski clinic sponsorship

2010 February Meeting Minutes: Kenai Peninsula Borough Spruce Bark Beetle Mitigation Plan, Homer Women’s Nordic Budget increase

2010 January Meeting Minutes: Executive session regarding Lookout Trail system, Fund banners for business recognition

2009 December Meeting Minutes: Rental tent for Besh Cup, Ski Your Age Event sponsorship approval, Fundraising idea approval, Fundraising details approval, Co-sponsor wooden ski-making class

2009 November Meeting Minutes: Milli Martin Lookout Mountain trail reclassification by Kenai Peninsula Borough, Budget amendments, Approve High School race contracts.

2009 October Special Meeting Minutes: Recreational Trails Program grant budget for Lookout Phase II.

2009 October Meeting Minutes: $200 to organize annual meeting, Fund for Roger’s Loop trailhead parking property acquisition

2009 September Meeting Minutes: No Quorum. Discussed: Annual meeting location, grants and fundraising, budget preparation, snowmachine registration

2009 May Meeting Minutes: Special use permit for Lookout trail parking, Eagle scout kiosk at Roger’s Loop trailhead, Homer foundation grants for blue drag and grass seed, $15490 grant application to Rasmuson foundation for equipment purchase, Up to $1000 for grant writer to update Recreational Trails Program grant, Right of first refusal for Roger’s Loop parking property, Project priorities approval

2009 April Special Meeting Minutes: Project priorities and funding options

2009 April Meeting Minutes: Close Alaska Trails Initiative grant, Review Bylaws, Snowmachine/Skier conflicts

2009 March Meeting Minutes: Construction of new blue-gold drag, Area strategic plans, $4000 for grant writer for Roger’s Loop parking, $1000 to move “Cat House” (timing shed) to Lookout trails, $2500 to reimburse for trail work already completed, Rasmuson grant for grooming equipment, Sell remaining calendars at $5 each, Approve High School race contracts

2009 February Meeting Minutes: Move $1100 to Ginzu Groomer fund, Reimburse purchaser of snowmachine $400 for repairs, Encourage Baycrest landowners to submit Public Recreational Trail Easement forms, Lapel pin sales earmarked for grooming expenses

2009 January Meeting Minutes: Budget revision, New blue & gold drag, Alcohol permit application for Wine & Cheese Tour, Letter of intent for Youth Activity Committee grant, Leslie Klaar watercolor, Revised Dog Policy, Toby Wheeler to Tara Schmidt transition

2008 December Meeting Minutes: $1500 for snowplowing, Friday Night Lights profits to Ginzu groomer fund, Alcohol permit for Wine and Cheese Tour, 5-year lease for FAA land at Lookout Mountain trails, Plow Rucksack, $400 for KBBI announcements

2008 November Special Meeting Minutes: Election of Officers