KNSC Board Meeting Information:

The KNSC Board of Directors usually meet the first Wednesday of the month from September through May at 6:30pm downstairs at 3734 Ben Walters Lane, Homer, Alaska.  Members are welcome.



September 2020 Agenda


May 2020 Agenda

April 2020 Agenda

February 2020 Agenda

January 2020 Agenda


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2019-2020 Season

2020 May Minutes:   Website software to be updated; KNSC registration reminder letters that are automatically sent out content & date they are sent to be reviewed; In spite of  cancelled events because of Covid-19 KNSC is doing ok financially; Lookout hayfield DNR application submitted; Land use agreement with owner of parcel the Marathon Trail Connector goes through approved; Jason Neeley to take over Eveline outhouse maintenance

2020 April Minutes:  Pat Irwin hired to replace Chessie as admin assis; Social distancing on ski trails; Groomer appreciation; Given SOA Health Mandate 011, to continue grooming or not

2020 March Minutes: Ken Jones memorial put off until summer, purchase new skandic 900, KBNERR ski tour of headwaters resources, DNR easement application…Dogs encounters at Lookout

2020 February Minutes: Ken Jones memorial sign, dogs at McNeil, PortaPotty nixed for Sunset, Making Tracks film, Special Events Permit process, Eveline State Recreation Site MOU committee named

Resolution 2020-1: Allowing Richard Burton as Treasurer to sign Special Events Permit Application AB-05 instead of Cameale Johnson, Secretary

2020 January Minutes: Dogs on leashes at McNeil School, Eveline MOA and State Parks Advisory Board, potential landowner issues at Baycrest, Honoring Ken Jones, Making Tracks movie, trailhead donation box…

2019 December Minutes: McNeil trailwork, Eveline MOA and State Parks Advisory Board, Chili cookoff, Alcohol permit resolutions for Wine and Cheese, and High School Gala Dinner

2019 November Minutes: Prospective new board members, Eveline MOA, McNeil trail work funding

2019 October Minutes: November Annual Meeting planning, discussion to finalize Lookout hayfields easement request, annual budget discussion and approval, groomer workshop & training…

2019 September Minutes: Eveline Recreational Area Annual Report, Intro to new Administrative Manager, Sunset shed update, hayfields DNR easement review, 3 current Board Directors’ terms due to expire in November, 5 year Strategic Plan due for review in the spring…

2018-2019 Season
2019 May Minutes: Administrative Manager changes, trails easement discussion, programs’ year-end review, Sunset shed report, season wrap up…

2019 April Minutes: New signage approved for Upper Baycrest/Sunset Loop trailhead, donation boxes secured at designated trailheads, grooming and maintenance equipment in good shape for the year, great participation in Sea-2-Ski this year, planning for upcoming Groomers’ Ball, next meeting September 4, 2019…

2019 March Minutes: Planning for 2019-20 Besh Cups & X-Country AK season, KNSC Marathon prep, Jr. Nordic great participation and success, Thank You, Kathy Sarns…

2019 February Minutes: FNL event success, upcoming Wine & Cheese event, KNSC Marathon planning, “Donation” option is live on the website, new Club policies posted…

2019 January Minutes: Snow! FNL event planning, growing membership, new equipment update, Volunteer and Code of Conduct Policy discussion…

2018 December Minutes: KNSC Board officers elected, memberships low with lack of snow, Kathy Sarnes steps up for Jr. Nordic Ski Coach, policy discussion, season event planning…

2018 Annual Meeting Minutes: Evening at Homer Elks, Volunteer Appreciation honoring John Miles, BOD elections: Derek Bynagle re-elected with Bob Glen and Kenny Daher newly elected, each for 3 year terms…

2018 November Minutes: Memberships coming in despite lack of snow, budget methodology review, trail bridge and culvert repairs needed, Annual Meeting planning…

2018 October Minutes: KBP Community Trails agreement finalized, club website update with new registration site, budget planning, season events save the dates…

2018 September Minutes: 2018-19 calendar and membership fees planning, handicap parking signage is up, Bylaws review and updates…

2017-2018 Season
2018 May Minutes: Biathlon, Mountain Bike/Ski trails, Sunset Building, Community Trails Agreement…

2018 April Minutes: Equipment update, membership levels peak, biathlon project presentation, dogs on the trail system, handicap parking signage…

2018 March Minutes: Equipment replacements & repairs, Community Trails Agreement, events update, Groomers’ Appreciation, Kikkan Randall and Jessie Diggins grab the Olympic Gold Medal!

2018 February Minutes: Equipment repairs, Borough Trails Agreement, trails easement agreements, family memberships on the rise, events success…

2018 January Special Meeting Minutes: Executive Session and follow up actions, BOD review/approval process of Club announcements/newsletters and publications…

2018 January Minutes: Member concerns, growing membership, new membership & event registration website, club event news in local newspaper, dogs on the trails, upcoming ski and waxing clinics, public notice of club inclusivity…

2017 December Minutes: New student intern, PSIA Certified Junior Nordic Program has all young skiers set up with skis thanks to generous donations, new Ginzu for trail grooming, Community Trails meeting update with consideration of multi-use trails…

2017 Annual Meeting Minutes: Evening at Homer Elks, Volunteer Appreciation honoring Bill Hague, BOD elections: Stacey Buckelew, Richard Burton and Mike Gracz re-elected for 3 year terms…

2017 November Minutes: KNSC has Administrative office hours, upcoming Ski Swap and Jr Nordic ski rentals, web cams ready for action, additional GPS purchased for real-time grooming reports…

2017 October Minutes: Kachemak Nordic Ski Racers update, Adopt a Highway, annual budget approval, Jr Nordic Coordinator selected, update to membership form…

2017 September Minutes: Events of the upcoming season, initial annual meeting prep, Jr Nordic leadership changes, Kachemak Women’s Nordic begins, newsletter gets new editor…

2016-2017 Season
2017 May Minutes: Community Trails Management Plan discussion, Baycrest building funding plan, KNSC accounting hardware support aging, open items…

2017 April Minutes: Eveline Yurt proposal, Equipment priorities (sell Arctic Cat, purchase Skandic 900 with Homer Foundation assistance), Event Committee for tracking expenses, etc., Approval to write Rassmusson Grant to fund construction of a maintenance building at Sunset Loop…

2017 March Minutes: Wine & Cheese event planners retire, RTP grant development for equipment support, memberships improved over past year, club event discussion, Web Scorer app for race support…

2017 February Minutes: Sledding Hill at Eveline, Liquor permits for Wine and Cheese and High School Ski Team Gala Dinner, New office space…

2017 January Minutes: MOU with City of Homer for Baycrest trails; Trailhead emergency contact signs; Office space in Keeper Building; Friday Night Lights coordinator? Resolutions: 2017-1: Eveline Sledding Hill resolution, 2017-2: Gala Dinner resolution, 2017-3: Wine and Cheese resolution

2016 December Minutes: Eveline Yurt offer by state parks Ranger Brad Garasky; New equipment chair; Homer Women’s Nordic changes; Trail conditions reporting changes (Trail Cams & GPS trackers); Google Docs changes…

2016 November Minutes: Annual Meeting, Trail Cams & GPS Trackers, Equipment chair position, Sunset Loop / Fire Hall parking…

2016 October Minutes: Budget!

2016 September Minutes: Admin. Assistant Report, Budget process, Membership form, Event Calendar, Lookout Trail Outhouses, Sunset Parking, CIRI agreement, Snomads-Marathon Connector Trail Grant…

2015-2016 Season
2016 May Minutes: Membership numbers, Race equipment purchase, Fat Bike study, Volunteer recognition plaques…

2016 April Meeting Minutes: Epic Debrief, Summer bike trails at Lookout, Fat Bike Impact study…

2016 March Meeting Minutes: New website, Board Development workshop, Marathon, Epic, Sea-to-Ski, Anderson/Jennings wedding at Lookout…

2016 February Meeting Minutes: Marathon Connector Trail MOU with Snomads, Revenue Plan, Events…

2016 January Minutes: Snomads MOU, Parking at KESA Fire Hall, Upcoming events, Community Trails Management Plan…

2015 December Meeting Minutes:

2015 November Meeting Minutes:

2015 October Meeting Minutes:

2015 September Meeting Minutes:

2014-2015 Season
2015 May minutes

2015 March minutes

2015 February minutes Upcoming ski events, Board development, revenue sharing allocation were discussed.

2015 January minutes Mike Gracz appointed to replace Alan Parks.  Establishing a reserve fund and review of committee structure were highlights.

December-minutes-2014 Discussion about declining membership and revenues

December-annual-work-plan 2014

November-minutes-2014 Approved operational budget and strategic plan documents

November-annual-work-plan 2014 November updated work plan

October-2014-minutes Discussed 2014/2014 budget, grants and event calendar


2013-2014 Season









2012-2013 Season




January 2013 minutes

December 2012 minutes

November 2012 minutes



2011-2012 Season









2010-2011 Season
2010 November Minutes: Ackerman bookkeeping contract, $6000 for grooming equipment, Contracts with Boosters for races

2010 October Meeting Minutes: Sell snowmachine #1

2010 September Meeting Minutes: Ackerman Bookkeeping contract, HEA membership, T-shirt sales, Up to $2000 for Roger’s Loop trailhead parking

2009-2010 Season
2010 May Minutes: 2010-2011 Calendar approval, Eveline Master Plan, Fundraiser criteria approval, 10% Event overhead approval

2010 April Meeting Minutes: Sell snowmachine #1

2010 March Special Meeting Minutes: Lookout Trails Phase II progress

2010 March Meeting Minutes: Signs on Roadways, City of Homer McNeil Maintenance Shed grant, Marathon Trail landowner contact

2010 February Special Meeting Minutes: Rasmuson Foundation grant for McNeil Maintenance Shed project, Donor Benches & Picnic tables, Phase II grant for Lookout Trails, Wooden ski clinic sponsorship

2010 February Meeting Minutes: Kenai Peninsula Borough Spruce Bark Beetle Mitigation Plan, Homer Women’s Nordic Budget increase

2010 January Meeting Minutes: Executive session regarding Lookout Trail system, Fund banners for business recognition

2009 December Meeting Minutes: Rental tent for Besh Cup, Ski Your Age Event sponsorship approval, Fundraising idea approval, Fundraising details approval, Co-sponsor wooden ski-making class

2009 November Meeting Minutes: Milli Martin Lookout Mountain trail reclassification by Kenai Peninsula Borough, Budget amendments, Approve High School race contracts.

2009 October Special Meeting Minutes: Recreational Trails Program grant budget for Lookout Phase II.

2009 October Meeting Minutes: $200 to organize annual meeting, Fund for Roger’s Loop trailhead parking property acquisition

2009 September Meeting Minutes: No Quorum. Discussed: Annual meeting location, grants and fundraising, budget preparation, snowmachine registration

2008-2009 Season
2009 May Meeting Minutes: Special use permit for Lookout trail parking, Eagle scout kiosk at Roger’s Loop trailhead, Homer foundation grants for blue drag and grass seed, $15490 grant application to Rasmuson foundation for equipment purchase, Up to $1000 for grant writer to update Recreational Trails Program grant, Right of first refusal for Roger’s Loop parking property, Project priorities approval

2009 April Special Meeting Minutes: Project priorities and funding options

2009 April Meeting Minutes: Close Alaska Trails Initiative grant, Review Bylaws, Snowmachine/Skier conflicts

2009 March Meeting Minutes: Construction of new blue-gold drag, Area strategic plans, $4000 for grant writer for Roger’s Loop parking, $1000 to move “Cat House” (timing shed) to Lookout trails, $2500 to reimburse for trail work already completed, Rasmuson grant for grooming equipment, Sell remaining calendars at $5 each, Approve High School race contracts

2009 February Meeting Minutes: Move $1100 to Ginzu Groomer fund, Reimburse purchaser of snowmachine $400 for repairs, Encourage Baycrest landowners to submit Public Recreational Trail Easement forms, Lapel pin sales earmarked for grooming expenses

2009 January Meeting Minutes: Budget revision, New blue & gold drag, Alcohol permit application for Wine & Cheese Tour, Letter of intent for Youth Activity Committee grant, Leslie Klaar watercolor, Revised Dog Policy, Toby Wheeler to Tara Schmidt transition

2008 December Meeting Minutes: $1500 for snowplowing, Friday Night Lights profits to Ginzu groomer fund, Alcohol permit for Wine and Cheese Tour, 5-year lease for FAA land at Lookout Mountain trails, Plow Rucksack, $400 for KBBI announcements

2008 November Special Meeting Minutes: Election of Officers