Kachemak Nordic Ski Club

Envisioned Future
Professionally groomed, interlocking trail system with increased capacity and usage.

Core Purpose
Promote Nordic Skiing

2014-2019 Strategic Direction

Quality trails
Prioritize area trail renovation and development based upon the three area trail plans
• Summer maintenance identified and implemented where needed in order of priority to better prepare trails for winter use
• Signage created and placed on all trails, based on area priority
• Systematically increase the length and connect the trail system
• Snow cat strategy developed that addresses ownership, grooming and maintenance, eg. should we own one, contract for grooming, consider other options?
• Improve access to areas by developing parking and engaging buses for skier transport
• Improve existing trail quality

Internal capacity
Less dependence on volunteers by increasing paid staff and contractor use
• Staff: Increase responsibilities of staff and move to having a lead staff or Executive Director position
• Office: determine administration needs and if they warrant securing an office position
• Paid coaches and trainers
• Contracted groomers
• Streamline organizational structure eg. consolidate committees

Maximize external capacity with partners
• Schools: seek ongoing financial support for school usage of trail system
• Land owners agreements: ensure trail access agreements established for existing regularly groomed and proposed trails
• Government: develop strategies to secure sustainable operational support from city and borough and capital funding from the state

Increase membership (service base)
Engage at least 10% of households in region served
• Survey needs/expectations of members, business sponsors and if feasible the broader community
• Develop a communications plan to increase membership, ie. create a buzz
• Provide daily updates on trail conditions
• Better communication between board and members
• Collect data on program and event effectiveness

Increase sustainable revenue
Work to increase charitable support
• Create a plan to increase event participation through better promotion of events
• Develop feasibility plans for ski lessons or other ventures that would generate earned revenue
• Maximize event revenue
• Funders: begin to cultivate stronger relationships with private funders
• Chamber of Commerce: promote business value of good trail system
• Increased revenue through review of membership dues with the possibility of raising dues
• Identify and cultivate donors for capital needs
• Develop relationships with other complementary trail users promoting quiet trail usage
• Solicit endowments


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