2021 Kachemak Nordic Ski Marathon goes Virtual for 2021!

  The snow is deep and the trail is in!  With all of 2020/21’s troubles, lack of snow has not been one of them around Kachemak Bay and the trail has gone in the earliest in recent memory. However, after much discussion over the past months, the KNSC board and Ski Marathon organizers agreed that an in-person event was still not the best choice.

We will be holding a virtual race/tour the whole month of March instead! Register here.

2021MarathonSuggestedRoute and description downloadable pdf

Thanks to our awesome and intrepid grooming crews that have already worked many hours on the trail this year. In case you don’t know, “grooming” the Marathon connector trail involves marking routes, cutting downfall timber, lopping seemingly endless patches of brush, shoveling vast amounts of snow to fill ruts and holes, creek crossings, gully crossings, and leveling side hills, and getting really, really stuck.  Then come hours and hours of “snow farming”, pulling various implements behind a snow machine until the trail is wide, buffed up, eye-poppingly beautiful, and relatively safe. Thanks again groomers!

Kachemak Nordic Ski Marathon Coordinator




We LOVE our volunteers! To help out, please contact:

2018 Kachemak Ski Marathon Photo Album

(FREE photos by Pat Irwin and Lynn Spencer)
2018 results Kachemak Marathon 2018


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