Welcome to the Homer Nordic Ski Fitness Program 2021/2022

This is a 5-month ski fitness program for skiers training for races and for skiers who want to stay in good shape and challenge themselves to reach new levels in their workouts and skiing ability. We encourage all levels of skiers to come join us!


Our commitment is to building a community of athletes of all levels. No matter your ski ability, fitness, or age, the workouts are designed for every individual to improve their xc ski technique and strength. As part of the program philosophy, we aim to share the experience of learning, challenging ourselves, and supporting each other’s athletic goals. Homer Nordic strives to be a fun, supportive environment for adults of all abilities to inspire each other and to build camaraderie through a shared joy of skiing and fitness.


Coached group workouts will be Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. “No Coach” workouts will be on Mondays and Wednesdays. Friday will be a strength and balance workout on your own  Sundays are rest days.

The location for each workout and any time variations will be announced in the weekly workout notifications via TeamApp.  The times for workouts varies by season:

Dryland training (October 19 until the snow arrives!):

Tu, Th: 12 -1:30 pm

Sat: 11-1 pm

Ski training (once the snow arrives to March 6):

Tu, Th: 12 -2 pm

Sat: 11-1 pm

Season dates:

October 19th – December 19th: dryland training (skiing will start as soon as there is snow!)

December 20th – January 3rd: holiday break (no practice)

January 5th- March 6th: ski training & technique

For more information contact

 Scheduled ski events

Date TBD: Tour of Tsalteshi (Soldotna)- 20 or 40 K distances

Date TBD : Tour of Anchorage– 25, 40, or 50 K distances

Cost for Program

You must be a KNSC member to join this program and to view the weekly workout schedules, but becoming a member is easy! Click this link to sign up first for KNSC  membership and then sign up for Homer Nordic: (then after signed in or signed up go to the Programs tab to find Homer Nordic). Your program fees go directly to supporting KNSC, as this is a volunteer-driven program.

For more information contact

Homer Nordic Workouts will be posted publicly Sunday evenings on this webpage, ( and on team app and Homer Nordic FB page thru November 28, 2021. Allowing plenty of time for you to come try it out!
Starting December 5th weekly workouts will only be sent privately to paid members of Homer Nordic. Please join now and help support this amazing volunteer effort!

Week 7 Workout Schedule November 29 – December 5 *Easy Intensity*

Homer Nordic | Workout News | by Homer Nordic

This is the “last” public workout posting. Starting Dec 5th workouts will be sent to paid Homer Nordic members only on Team App.
To sign up: or if you want to join and can’t afford it, contact and we can help you out. We want everyone to join that is interested!

All levels always welcome. You can modify the workout, bring a friend so you have someone at your pace, etc. If you want a true “hard” week make sure to get all the interval workouts in.

Yay for tons of snow! Trails might be soft but it should be fun and beautiful. Drive careful. CHECK THE LOCATION AGAIN BEFORE LEAVING IN CASE IT GETS CHANGED DUE TO WEATHER. Bring both classic and skate skis in case the snow is too deep to skate. Beginners always bring you classic/ waxless and join us even if it says skate,

Monday: No Coach Practice, Hill Intervals- Skate Ski or Classic
When: Noon to 1:30pm
Where: Lookout Mountain
What: Pyramid hill intervals 2 X 3 × 5 × 3 x 2 minutes with equal recovery time.

Tuesday: Long Slow Distance- Skate or Classic with Specific Strength. It will be soft snow
When: Noon to 1:30 or 2pm
Where: ROGERS LOOP TRAILHEAD- Baycrest trails
What: Warm up 12-12:15, Technique tips, then 60-75 minutes lsd (long slow distance) skiing with 10 X 10 second pickups and specific strength
Technique: V1 basics

Wednesday: Long Slow Distance- Classic or Skate
When: Noon to 1:30pm
Where: Rogers Loop or Sunset
What: 75 minutes lsd skiing

Thursday: Speed Intervals-Skate (or classic). Easier workout options too.
When: Noon-1:30pm
Where: Lookout Mountain
What: Warm up 12 – 12:15 , technique tips, 3 X 10 minute L3 intervals on mixed terrain.
Technique Tip: V2 Basics

Friday: Morning- Strength on your own: Jessie Diggins Home Workout:
Evening- 1 hour easy distance on your own, anything goes!

Saturday: Adventure Long Distance Ski , Classic ski (or Skate)
When: 11am to 1pm
Where: Roger’s Loop
What: Start skiing from Roger’s by 11:05 am. Conversation pace ski following as many groomed trails as we can cover in 2 hours, maybe even up to Sunset and around if time allows. Beginners recommended to ski Ravens way. Classic skis may be more fun due to the ‘cold slow’ snow- but Skating is totally fine too (use cold glide wax). Technique tips along the way. Wear layers for the cold and for getting warm as we climb, bring a snack. Suggestion: Have snacks, hot tea, or water and dry clothes for afterwards in your car.

Sunday: Off